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Ceramic bathroom set

Ceramic bathroom accessories, Ceramic materials generally have higher hardness, but poor plasticity. In addition to being used in eating utensils and bathroom decorations, ceramic bathroom accessories also play an important role in the development of science and technology. Ceramic raw materials are made from the earth's original resource clay after quenching. The nature of clay is tough, it can be plasticized at room temperature under water, it can be carved slightly, and it can be ground completely. Ceramic can be filled into pottery when it is burnt to 700 degrees; it can be filled with water when it is burnt to 1230 degrees, and ceramic bathroom accessories is almost completely non-absorbent and resistant to high temperatures. corrosion.

The difference between pottery and porcelain is the difference in raw material soil and temperature. Adding fire and heating to the temperature of the pottery, the pottery becomes porcelain. The firing temperature of pottery is 800-1000 degrees, and the porcelain is fired with kaolin at a temperature of 1300-1400 degrees. There are many varieties of ceramic products, and the chemical composition between them. Mineral composition, physical properties, and manufacturing methods are often close to each other, without obvious boundaries, but there are great differences in application.

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