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Concrete Basin -the Trendy New Bathroom and Kitchen Accessory

Concrete Basin -the Trendy New Bathroom and Kitchen Accessory


The home is normally the owner’s pride and he or she makes a style statement by decorating it. Even the bathroom is included in the interior design. For years the only option for the bathroom sink was those made of ceramic. But the market today has a wide variety of basins available in a range of materials like

·         polyresin,

·         metal,

·         ceramic,

·         terracotta  

·         concrete.

One of the most popular items in a range of contemporary concrete products is the stylish concrete basin. They are available in different shapes and configurations. There are stand alone, wall hung basins and countertop wash basins which can be single or double. They can have attached counters or draining boards for use in the kitchen. The bucket sink is a new design idea.

Concrete basins are stylish and are appreciated by high-end clients. Available in all kinds of shapes like

·         round,

·         oval,

·         square

·         rectangle,

·         bucket shaped

These wash basins are also manufactured in different colors to suit any décor. A choice of eye-pleasing colors like different shades of white and ivory, greys, greens, blues, yellows and oranges are on display to help one select the right one to match his or her design style.

A concrete basin is normally handcrafted. Aesthetic, exceptional craftsmanship and superior quality makes it a highly valued product. Not only homes even five-star hotels use it. Usually made from 80% recycled materials, the concrete basin is eco-friendly too. These sinks offer great value for money when compared to natural stone sinks like those made of granite or marble. Concrete has evolved into a premium material and increases the value of the property. The commonly used sealant for concrete sinks is acrylic that has to sprayed, rolled or brushed on the surface of the sink and then dried. This makes the basin strong and durable. But hairline cracks can still develop due to the shrinkage of the concrete. Luckily these hairline cracks can be fixed. Simple maintenance and cleaning will help the concrete sinks to last longer.

Whether used residentially or commercially the concrete basin can last a lifetime if it is maintained well and some care is taken. This type of sink needs regular cleaning to prevent staining. Harsh, abrasive, chemical cleaners tend to strip the surface of its sealant. It is best to opt for either of the following:

·         vinegar

·         natural soap.

Vinegar not only sterilizes the surface area; it also prevents scale build-up. Vinegar removes stains too. Specially formulated wax should be rubbed in gently and evenly with a soft cloth, twice a year at least. The wax protects the finish and keeps the concrete basin bright and shiny.

Whether it is a new house you are building or an old one you are redecorating, you will naturally include the bathroom and kitchen in your remodeling plans. Remember to consider concrete basins as a very viable and durable option. Not only will you be making a style statement, you will rest easy since these sinks will last a lifetime.

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