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Decorative Bathroom Accessories to Dress Up Your Home

Decorative Bathroom Accessories to Dress Up Your Home


Decorative bathroom accessories are not only functional; they also add to the beauty of one’s home. Most of these accessories manufactured by Dongguan Xuying Industrial Co. Ltd are made of polyresin (also referred to as resin). This is a synthetic polymeric resin and is made from 80% recycled material. It is a stone based compound made by combining oxylite and polystone. It can be melted and pressed into molds and is also easy to sculpt; it takes well to paint too. So myriads of designs, textures and colors can be sculpted from the same material.

In the process of the manufacture of high-end, decorative bathroom accessories the company follows this procedure

1. The resin is heated to melt and then is poured into molds to give it the desired shape

2. It is then properly grouted and thoroughly dried

3. Subsequently it is sanded and trimmed with a high speed grinding machine and wax till the surface becomes smooth, and the ends become rounded

4. The next stage is the spray painting of the surface.

5. Thereafter the product is printed with the clients’ brand or logo

6. If the design dictates, the next phase is hand painting the items

7. After a thorough quality check the products are then ready to be packed and dispatched.

Xuying factory’s mission is to create decorative bathroom accessories and home décor items that you will be proud to possess. Aesthetically designed each and every item is a treasure and will last a lifetime.

The bathroom sets from Xuying are of such superior quality that they will add value to your property be it your home, hotel, restaurant or club. Resin is so durable that it is not harmed by repeated use or rough handling. The following are some of their specialized designs in their range of decorative bathroom accessories that will blend well with any décor:

1. Luxury gold brushed resin

2. Silver glass mosaic finish resin

3. Antique ORB resin

4. Modern lines white resin

5. Elegant European white, blue marble resin

6. Simple lines grey concrete resin

7. Hand painted blue flower resin

8. Emma Zhao

9. Modern color sandstone terrazzo resin

10. Elegant white marble resin

11. High quality imitation wood finish resin

12. Luxury white with imitation wood resin

13. Elegant hand painted rose gold resin

14. Four-piece elegant white marble finish resin.

Of their vast stock of 5000 designs, the above mentioned bathroom sets are in demand the most.

Xuying pays great attention to customer service. They are always ready to work as per clients’ specifications. They do not provide artwork creation services, so you will have to send them your final design online in an editable file like PDF or PSD or AI. Once they receive it, they take 15 days to create the sample. Once you approve of it they should be able to produce, pack and deliver your order within 60 days.

So if you are on the lookout for fashionable, sophisticated, and customized decorative bathroom sets, you must check out the products on Xuying. They are one of the market leaders in this product range and provide very competitive rates.

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